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Take a Look Back at the USAF Detachment at Camp Evans in 1970

I am Mike Shea, your Webmaster and host.

This site is dedicated to the officers and men of the USAF 20th TASS Detachment at Camp Evans, Vietnam. The 20th TASS was attached to the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army. Although there are many Camp Evans sites on the Internet, I could find nothing on our detachment other than a casual mention of it here and there. If you or someone you know was at the USAF Camp Evans O-2A FAC (Forward Air Controller) detachment from June 1970 to Feb 1971, chances are I have a photo of that person on this site. So grab your jungle fatigues, put on some Jimi Hendrix or a little CCR, and crack open a Bud while you view these pages.

NEWS UPDATE August 3, 2007:

FOUND! Former 1st Lt and Bilk 35, Lt Hal Anderson has found us! Read his comments and get his email in the The Crew Today section of this web site.


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Photos taken in 1970-71 of the USAF Detachment

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ElinorPhotos of our comrades in arms, our fierce aircraft, our deluxe accommodations, our carefully landscaped flightline, our mama san Hue, and our beloved jeep, Elinor.

If you would like larger versions of any of the photos on this site, drop me a line and I can scan them in at much higher resolutions and send them to you. These are all scanned directly from my 1970 35mm slides. The full size versions have excellent detail.

I took about 300 slides in Vietnam. I have posted about a quarter of them concentrating on photos with Evans staff in them. I have many more of the countryside, Hue, the walled city, Danang, Ubon Thailand, and other Evans shots. If you want me to post any of those let me know from the Feedback link.

Below are the captions for the photos submitted by Dutch Helms. Sorry I can't post them with the photos but the photo pages are built dynamically by another piece of software. They start on Photo page 5. They are the pictures which begin with 5_xx where xx matches the number next to the caption below.


01 - Aerial View of Camp Evans taken by me in Sep 69
02 - Evans Flag Poles/Parade Ground
03 - Evans - View from our Hooch towards the "Valley"
04 - Evans - View from our Hooch towards Rocket Ridge
05 - Evans - O-2A taking off
06 - BBQ1 - Wes Spinsic (101), John Barth (101), Art Gaspard (FAC) & Bill Johnson (101)
07 - BBQ2 - Same group plus ME
08 - Me inside hooch, Sep 69
09 - Capt. Jim Evatt
10 - Capt Mike Bergeson (preparing for defense)!!  LOL!
11 - Wes Spinsic (101)
12 - The "Boys" - Bergeson, Evatt, Gaspard, Attardo
13 - Me, Bergeson, Attardo
14 - Me by the "Deuce"
15 - Me (airborne)
16 - Charlie Attardo in his most popular pose
17 - Ed Montminy and Skip Little prepare to defend us!  LOL!
18 - Thank You Case of Beer from 2/17 Cav .. case reads, " To: Bilk 36 & 32 ... Assault 6 has asked me to present this brew (in a state of complete sobriety, if possible) as partial thanks for a "Fuck'n Number One Job" yesterday (you got a few dinks, too). Congrats"
(Note: Bilk 32 was Bergeson, 36 was Art Gaspard)
19 - Our Christmas Tree - Dec 69
20 - Attardo, Montminy, Gaspard, Me, and Evatt (in front)
21 - Front: Attardo, Evatt, Helms, Back: Bergeson, Gaspard
22 - Night Attack on FB O'Reilly - June 70
23 - Mike "Bergie" Bergeson relaxing
24 - Helms, Evatt, Gaspard, Attardo in our "Party Flight Suits".  Picture taken in early AM after our "Four Ship Fly By" over Camp Evans, flown in honor of one of the ONLY days when we had four birds operational at the same time.  We overflew Evans in standard formation AND in the Diamond formation ... put on quite a fun show.  Grunts loved it!
25 - Dutch and Bergie try to repair the damn generator.
26 - Dutch eating "Surf and Turf" (US Army style)
27 - Jerry Wolosenko's (101) 26th Birthday Party
28 - Jerry with John Barth (101 Base Defense Officer) and Wes Spinsic (101)
29 - Gaspard and Evatt at party.
30 - Me at same party - having fun (and probably loaded)
31 - Bergeson, Attardo, Wolosenko, Tom Rooney, Barth, and Gaspard
32 - Gaspard, Bergeson, Montminy, and Helms (me)
33 - Montminy and Gaspard
34 - Helms simulating a combat person
35 - Dutch gets award from 3rd Bde Commander



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